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Data exchange as a service

Dexes is a secure third-party solution for
sharing sensitive data between public and
private parties while keeping your data ownership.

Dexes is a Dutch startup company.
We founded and support the Amsterdam
Data Exchange (AmDEX).

A secure solution for sharing data

Data sharing easy and secure

A lot of data is not shared. For example because data is privacy or commercially sensitive. Dexes offers a solution to share data that was not shared before. In a trusted “data space”, public and private parties can share data in a secure and transparant way.

Sharing data starts with trust. And trust starts with transparency and mutual agreements. The Dexes data space offers a trusted framework that makes it easy to comply to GDPR rules while sharing sensitive data.

Traffic streams become more fluent by sharing more available data

Amsterdam data exchange

Dexes is co-founder of the Amsterdam Data Exchange, the AmDEx. Together with the Universitiy of Amsterdam (UvA), the Amsterdam Economic Board (AMEC), SURF and the Amsterdam Internet Exchange (AMS-IX), we develop a neutral infrastructure to support data sharing.

Dexes will facilitate parties to connect a data spaces to the AmDEx infrastructure. Like with the internet exchange, the connection to Amdex offers access to other data sources. Dexes will offer services for trust delegation, data spaces and data catalogues on the Amdex infrastructure.

Amdex starts with various use cases in the metropole region of Amsterdam (32 communities, 2 provinces and 2 airports) as a fieldlab implementation.

Read more about AmDEx on

Every dataset or algoritm has conditions for access and usage

Organise trust

Transparancy for sharing data

Dexes offers services to organise trust and easily share data. Our principles:

  • FAIR data: make data findable, accessible, interoperable and reusable
  • Be transparant on conditions for access and usage of data
  • Offers and agreements are stored in irrefutable datadeals
  • Data sovereignty: a data owner stays in control of access and usage
  • Human dimension: digital where possible, human contact where needed

Use Cases

Circulair bouwen

Het delen van herbruikbare materialen in panden maakt het mogelijk om meer circulair te bouwen. Een aannemer kijkt eerst welke materialen lokaal beschikbaar zijn om her te gebruiken. Dit vraagt om een veilige manier om commercieel gevoelige data te delen.

Een veilige haven

Data over de commercieel gevoelige lading van schepen kan de brandweer helpen om tijdens een crisis effectief de veiligheid in de haven te handhaven. Deze data is vaak niet of te laat beschikbaar. Door vooraf toegang tot de informatie te regelen in een datadeal, kan de brandweer in geval van crisis direct bij de data.

Energie distributie

Met duurzame energiebronnen is er soms veel en soms weinig energie beschikbaar. Een veilige data uitwisseling van de vraag naar en het aanbod van energie kan de druk op de energie infrastructuur verlagen en de energierekening voor ondernemers verlagen.

Algoritme naar data brengen

Privacy gevoelige data delen is mogelijk. Door het algoritme te delen en vervolgens alleen de resultaten op te leveren, kan een analyse of App met privacy gevoelige data werken. De data verlaat de organisatie niet.

Services for a trusted data space

Dexes Services

Data spaces

A central marketplace to securely share data with partners in a specific domain under specific conditions. The data space can be public or closed. The space includes a FAIR data catalogue, datadeals and data access/usage solutions.

FAIR Data Catalogue

The catalogue makes data, data services and algorithms findable and show what the conditions are for access and reuse.

Datadeal register

Datadeals capture the offers and agreements between a data owner and a data user. De Dexes trust brokers makes the data deals irrefutable and gives access to data sources based on validating conditions for access and usage.


Each user on the Dexes platform gets a Datapod, a Solid based decentralized storage for personal information. The pod can store data and algorithms if needed. The owners is always in control of access and usage of his or her data.

Who are we working with

Our partners


At the moment Dexes is developing a data marketplace for the Amsterdam Data Exchange. Dexes won the contest organized by the Amsterdam Economic Board to contribute to the vision of a free, fair and open data market for the Amsterdam metropole region. The vision on the Amsterdam Data Exchange is here:

Read more in this interview in Dutch about the contest and Amdex: interview (Dutch).

How does it work?

The Dexes Trust broker

Our trust broker acts as the trusted third party during an exchange of data between an owner and a user. A kind of digital notary. A data owner tells the broker what the conditions are to share his or her data or give access to a data service.

Conditions and the type of data sharing are template based and offer a solid legal base for the exchange transaction. The broker validates the conditions when a user wants to access and use the data. The broker captures the agreement and conditions in an irrefutable datadeal.

After the datadeal is closed the trust broker can answer wether or not a user has the right to access a certain data source and use it in a certain way. The broker captures audit logs a prove of access and usage.

The broker also captures any administrative needs if payment for access and usage of a data service is a requirement.